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Final Fantasy Advent Children Buster Sword

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Regular Price: £137.18

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Overall length:- 43.5"
Blade Length:- 32"
Handle Length:- 11.5"
Wide:- 7"

Regular Price: £137.18

Special Price: £119.29


The fans are always demanding the Advent Children Buster Sword, so we have brought it. The Buster Blade is seen wielded by Cloud Strife in the movie Advent Children. It was an animated Science Fantasy film developed by Square Enix and Visual works. The story of the movie revolves around the mysterious group of three men Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. These warriors are created from the cells of Sephiroth after Cloud defeated him. Their goal is to find their mother Jenova and revive Sephiroth in his physical form. The trio attacked Cloud and asked him that where he has hidden their mother. He got away from them and finds a way to defeat them. In the end, Kadaj absorbs Jenova’s head into his body and transforms into Spehiroth. After an epic battle, the young hero defeated the evil with his Blade. Sephiroth dissolved leaving a weakened Kadaj behind who died in a few moments. The survivors Loz and Yazoo prepared one last attack on Cloud. The both charge at each other resulting in a large explosion that kills the three. After this, Cloud was reborn in the pool of Lifestream.

The Blade we are presenting has four separate blades locked together to form the Blade. Each blade is removable just like in the movie. The blades are High Quality Stainless Steel construction. This Blade with unique design is the most famous of all time. We made the cross guard and hilt with heavy metal to support the weight of the Blade. Certain bolts can be seen on the blade, and they look groovy. The shape is exact as the same carried in the film. The handle has black leather wrapped providing a comforting grip. A perfect and Cheap Blade made with precise detailing usable as an ornamental item or to give someone as a gift. The demanded Replica Blade is available exclusively on Swords Kingdom. We are giving it at a Cheap price, so do place your order before it is too late.

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Weight 5.5000

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