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Ichigo Zangetsu Sword Wooden Edition 40"

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Overall length: 40"
Blade length: 28.5"
Handle length: 11.5"


This is another custom replica sword of all-time fans favorite Ichigo’s Zangetsu blade. We crafted this sword from the best wood. The 28.75 inches long blade will be enough for you. This Ichigo’s sword is lighter than the actual one. Hence it will be no problem for you to swing this blade. Because of the fans demanding custom swords, we made this edition.

We changed the color of the frayed-edge nylon strip. The nylon strip now has dark skin color. In the previous replica edition, it had white color. This is a smaller custom for the original Ichigo Zangetsu Sword Wooden edition. However, it is designed exact as the original one. The shape of slaughterer blade just looks trendy. Grab this sword and train like Ichigo and improve your swordsmanship skills. This massive blade is still a monster even in its wooden form. The blade is highly black polished. It is an ornamental item, and a perfect wooden cheap sword to hang on the wall.

Ichigo never leaves home without this cheap sword. Even when he is fighting in his own friends, he still carries the Zangetsu sword. It would not be a wrong saying that Ichigo became famous mostly because of this sword. The fans admire Ichigo for his brave will and large sized blade. Our Anime replica swords are the most demanded swords of all-time. Therefore, we care for the valuable customers and give away the colossal discounts. We are offering you Ichigo Zangetsu Sword Wooden edition for only $25. So stop thinking and just avail this opportunity.

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Weight 2.5000

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