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Anime Rukia Sword 27.5"

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43" Overall length White Katana.
Blade :27.5" length
Handle :15.5" length
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel

Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle: Plastic handle and attached chain with white Cloth Wrapping
Fitting: Solid Metal, White Polished Pommel and Guard
Scabbard: White Stainless steel scabbard with cloth wrapping and cast metal fitting (Free)

Regular Price: £116.48

Special Price: £101.29


The angelic replica sword of Rukia is finally here. We are offering this Samurai sword on our online swords store. Rukia Kuchiki is one of the main protagonists in anime series. She belongs to a lower class area of Rukon district. When she died in the human world, she came to soul society with her sister. She was an orphan and a homeless kid. Soon, she made some friends like Renji Abarai. This group lived together as a family for a long time. To survive, they stole ordinary things like food. Rukia possesses exceptional fighting skills and keeps impressing others. So, the clan Kuchiki adopted her and gave her a status in the soul society. She trains well in soul academy to defeat hollows. And, became a lieutenant under Captain Jushiro Ukitake. She first appears in the first episode of Anime. Rukia wears traditional Black Soul Reapers dress and carries a charming, cheap sword. Soul society sent her to rescue Karakura town (the city of Ichigo). She tries to rescue Ichigo from a deathly hollow, but fails to do so. As a result, she gave her powers to Ichigo. Rukia losses her powers and Katana sword as well. Rukia never opens her heart even to her close friends.

Rukia carries the most delicate and angelic Katana sword in soul society. Rukia’s cheap sword also has a Bankai form called Sode no Shirayuki which means Sleeve of the White Snow. The Zanpakuto spirit is polite and Gentle. She talks in a peaceful manner. Rukia did not respect her Zanpakkuto. As a result, the spirit left her. Rukia used her Katana sword when fighting the hollow that attacked Ichigo. Her Katana sword comes with white gloss scabbard. It features Rukia’s charm and elegant white ribbon. The white finished stainless steel blade looks like an ornamental item. This is a cheap sword with best looks. The perfect artistic Samurai sword for all the Rukia’s fans. Buy this replica sword from Swords Kingdom's Sword Store and get exceptional discount.

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Weight 3.0000

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