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Bankai Cutting Moon Wooden Sword 39.5"

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Overall Length: 39.5"
Solid Black Wood Construction
Black Chain at Hilt


Another cool replica sword edition of Tensa Zangetsu Katana Sword. The manufacturers make certain editions of replica swords on the anime series. Tensa Zangetsu wooden sword is an exclusive item among them. This cheap sword comes with a black wooden finish. Hopefully perfect in practicing Katana sword. Plus you gain Ichigo’s all-time favorite replica sword shape. Tensa Zangetsu means Moon cutter or Heavenly chain slicing moon. The design and shape are exactly that of Ichigo’s Katana sword used in anime series. Ichigo defeated Byakuya Kuchiki using this Katana. For those people who have an interest in wooden swords, should buy this long wooden Katana sword.

Ichigo is the main protagonist of anime series. Ichigo is a strong-willed and expert fighter. He is short-tempered and foolish at times. He studies in the local Karakura School. There, he has some close friends like Tatsuki, Uryu, Orihime, Sado, Keigo, and Mizuiro. Ichigo’s father Isshin Kurosaki is a former Soul Reaper and head of Kurosaki family. A Hollow killed Ichigo’s mother Masaki Kurosaki. When Ichigo was young, he loved his mother so much and considered her as his center of the world. All the time he keeps holding his mother’s hand and stops crying every time he sees her. Ichigo joined Dojo to become strong to protect his sisters. He jumps in every battle in which someone is attacking any innocent. When her mother passed, he decided to help the poor with firm determination. On his journey, he meets up with certain masters who improve his skills. Buy this sword from our online sword store.

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Weight 2.5000

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