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Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Anime Sword

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Regular Price: £250.00

Special Price: £180.00

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Overall Length: 52.25"
Blade Length: 38.5"
Handle Length: 14"
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel

Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Double Sided Blade Edge
Handle: Wooden Leather Wrapped
Fitting: Solid Metal, Silver Antique Finish Pommel and Guard
Free Mild Leather Sheath

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Regular Price: £250.00

Special Price: £180.00


The Dragonslayer Replica Sword belongs to Guts, a fictional character who appeared in Berserk series. This series features Anime, manga and Video Games. Kentaro Miura wrote and illustrated manga series. The manga features a fantasy world similar to medieval Europe. Guts is the main protagonist in this franchise. He is a mercenary who always travels to work. One day he finds another mercenary Griffith, who challenges him to a fight. Guts accepts the challenge and fought well. Griffith defeats Guts and forces him to join a unit called the Band of the Hawk.

Guts uses the Dragonslayer cheap sword as his primary blade. Dragonslayer has a massive pointed blade. The story takes us back in the days when Dragons were a cause of destruction. The king of the current time ordered to create a cheap sword which could kill any dragon. An experienced Blacksmith Godo created this Replica sword on King’s wish. The King then ordered to kill Godo. But, Godo was able to escape. One day a messy transformed beast, Apostle, attacked Guts’ cottage. Guts wields the Dragonslayer cheap sword and kills Apostle with a slight stroke of his Replica sword. Soon Guts realizes that this Swords has several forms. In its mist form, this sword can defeat Emperor Ganishka. People fear of Emperor Ganishka because the Emperor is the Apostle of God hand and head of Kushan nation. Later on, Berserk Guts used this mighty sword in all of his battles with evil. He fought with evil forces for the sake of humanity. The Dragonslayer cheap sword comes with the pure, stainless steel metal. Its cross guard is half oval-shaped. Wielding this Replica sword become a mercenary at a highly affordable price. Buy this sword from our online swords store and save big.

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Weight 6.5000

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