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Grimmjow Zanpakuto Sword

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Regular Price: £166.48

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Overall Length: 39 inches
Blade: 26.5"
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel

Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle: Wooden handle with string Wrapping
Fitting: Solid Metal, Brass Finish Pommel and Guard
Scabbard: Stainless steel glass Blue scabbard with sky blue ribbon wrapping on it, brass fitting (Free)

Regular Price: £166.48

Special Price: £151.29


The Grimmjow’s Samurai sword is finally here. You can buy this replica sword from our reliable online swords store. Grimmjow is an antagonist in the Anime series. Grimmjow is a hollow and has a hole in his belly. He is the sixth Espada of Aizen’s force. Aizen has crooked a six numbered tattoo on his back and right of his belly. This tattoo shows his rank in Espadas as he is sixth in number due to his abilities. Grimmjow has a sadistic face which hides his original impulsive and violent nature. He is a fight lover and always searches strong opponents. Grimmjow is powerful and skillful in his abilities. He challenges any opponent with confidence.

When Grimmjow learns that Ichigo’s powers are growing and, he can become a real threat in the future, he decides to kill Ichigo. He heads up to the Karakura Town to remove Ichigo’s existence. This was an unauthorized mission. He told his companions to kill every single being with the slightest spiritual pressure. He approaches Rukia and Ichigo and introduces himself as the sixth Arrancar. He asked them who is the strongest among them. Rukia told Ichigo to stay back. Grimmjow impaled Rukia with his single hand and then headed towards Ichigo. Upon this, Ichigo becomes angry and strike Grimmjow with his Zangetsu. Grimmjow stops the Ichigo’s cheap sword barehanded. This thing frightens Ichigo, so he releases the Bankai state of his Katana sword. Then the real battle between the two fighters starts.

This Grimmjow’s replica sword Zanpakuto Pantera comes with a deep blue colored sheath and a matching cloth wrapped handle. The replica sword is super light and elegant. The ornamental “S” shaped guard will certainly stand in your collection. It is a perfect Samurai sword to buy for any Grimmjow’s fan. Get this Katana sword today and save big.

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Weight 3.0000

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