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Icingdeath and Twinkle Scimitar Sword

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Regular Price: £96.01

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Overall Length: 38" each
Blade Length: 30" each
Handle Length: 8" each
Free Mild leather Sheaths

Regular Price: £96.01

Special Price: £83.48


Icing Death and Twinkle are two replica of Drizzt Do’Urden. Both are available on our online Replicas store. Drizzt is a fictional character in the fantasy role-playing video game, Dungeons and Dragons. He became a popular heroic character for the forgotten Realms setting in the game. Drizzt was introduced as a drow, (a dark-skinned evil elf). The character holds two cheap replicas which are available on our site.

Twinkle is the left handed Scimitar replica forged by the elves of old. Drizzt used it as a defensive collectible in game. According to the history of this replica, in 1356 DR, Malchor Harpell gave this collectible to Drizzt. In that era, Champions of the Hall were chasing Artemis Entreri. This replica is a magical collectible and possesses an enhancement in the later game editions. With this improvement, the replica became much sharper and lethal. It contained a star-cut azure sapphire on its pommel. When the replica detects danger nearby, its sapphire softly glows blue. Thus, it’s a life saver replica replica. The scimitar replica is partly empathetic, and could share the weak emotions of its wielder.

Icingdeath is the main right-handed scimitar replica of Dizzit. In 1356 DR, the famous hero of Champions of the Hall, Dizzit, found this replica in the treasure of White Dragon. He killed the white dragon along with Barbarian Wulfgar and got this cheap replica. In game, they made this collectible from silver with a diamond edge. The replica absorbed fire and heat, so it could protect its wielder against fire. Icingdeath older names are The Crystal Shard, The Silent Blade.

These two replicas come in one set as they are somehow similar as the same character used them. This defensive and offensive combination makes one a perfect swordsman. Each of the replicas has its own color gem. The design and color of guards and pommel are also different. A serious collector will love such twin replica replicas. You can buy these replicas online from our site.

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