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Kadaj Sword Advent Children

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Regular Price: £256.59

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Overall Length: 42"
Total Length : 38"
Blade Length : 29"
Handle : 9"
Free scabbard

Regular Price: £256.59

Special Price: £242.68


Look what we got here for customers. The groovy Replica Blade of Kadaj is right here. The Blade is also known as Souba. It has two parallel blades set with a small distance among them. It can serve as an advanced defensive collectible. One can disarm the opponent by trapping his blade in this Blade. The blade was wielded by Kadaj one of the main antagonists in the video game: advent children. The Blade & rsquo;s distinguished design made the wielder famous among the fans. Such designs are found rarely. So do not waste time and place order now. The Blade features a fancy scabbard. The hilt contains a black leather strip wrapped around it. The cross guard has a square like shape with smoothened edges. One can deliver a wide range of attacks with this Replica Blade. We are giving extinct discounts on all the video game Blade.

Kadaj wears a black coat and keep hanging his Blade on the lower back. His character is famous for the appearance and potent body. His silver hair and clothing is widely praised by the fans. He was the leader of Remnants of Sephiroth. It was an organization created by Sephiroth for defeating enemies. Sephiroth created them from his own cells. So the three young men are his fragments. However, their personalities and abilities differ from each other. Kadaj looks terrifying while wielding the two bladed Blade. He easily deflects all the attacks of Cloud. The main aim of his life is to find Jenova (his mother) and recover the Sephiroth to physical form again. Buy Cheap Blades from the Trusted Online Replica Blades Store of ours and save money. We make delivery worldwide.

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Weight 3.5000

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