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Kilgorin Sword of Darkness 38"

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Regular Price: £168.30

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Total Length 38"
29" blade
Handle : 9"
High Quality Stainless Steel Blade With Silver Coated Finish
Intricately Detailed Metal Pommel,
Free Mild leather Sheath

Regular Price: £168.30

Special Price: £146.35


The most epic and legendary Blade of history is right here for the customers. The Kit Rae Kilgorin Blade of Darkness has an exciting story just as the other Blades of Ancients do. According to the story: Before the evolution of man, the masters of steel, fire and flesh ruled the world. These masters created the men and wanted to control them. Thus, they ordered the dark elves to create the Magical Blades. Each of the Blade possessed unique powers and abilities. The Blade of Darkness was wielded by the Lord of the Shadows. The Lord wanted to rule the entire humanity for which he started to kill numerous people. This Blade has been in use of forces of virtuous and evil for years. No one ever gained full control of this mighty Blade. According to a saying, the wielder other than the true master of this Blade will be thrown deep inside the eternal darkness. To grab it, one must become ruthless and dominant.

The design of the Kilgorin Blade is truly exceptional. The pommel is a skull with detailed figure and is made with heavy metal. The black hilt just looks classy and provides a smooth grip. The superior handling allows one to swing it easily. The guard is accented with a historical pattern on it and has two pointed projections. The Blade features a silver coated finish blade with an elegant pattern on it. The blade has certain pointed tips on both sides. There is also an extinct characteristic of this Blade, and that is the widening and thinning of the blade at certain points. This surely is an ornate to be kept in your home. Buy this Cheap Replica Blade exclusively from Swords Kingdom to get unbelievable discounts.

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Weight 3.0000

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