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Klingon Bat'leth 40''

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Overall Length: 40"
Blade Material: High grade Stainless Steel - Fantasy Style blade
Handle Material: Neopack black Leather wrapped, comfortable grip.
Single Piece

Regular Price: £106.10

Special Price: £92.26


The famous Replica Sword of Bat’leth blade is in our stock. As you have already noticed, it is a custom edition. We made slight changes in this version, but it still looks close to the original one used in the Star Trek series. The blade of Klingons is referred as the Sword of Honor for the alien race. It is a two sided scimitar having spiked protrusions on both sides. A handhold is made in the middle of the back. We covered the handhold with a black leather strip which will provide you a comfortable grip. The blade is made with the highest quality steel. We have smoothened the edges of the blade for safety precautions. However, it can be honed for you on demand. The small size of this collectible allows you to swing it with ease. The super lightweight will be helpful in battle. You should not be one of the Klingons for necessary to use this broadSword. One can hold it even with one hand. We are giving you the opportunity to get it even in this era. Now stop thinking and grab this quality blade and swirl it inventing your own tricks. An ornamental and attractive blade to hang on the wall. Buy Cheap Swords from Swords Kingdom and get exclusive discounts. Our Online Swords Store features a wide variety of quality made Movies Swords that will fascinate you.

The first Bat’leth blade was forged by Kahless the unforgettable, the first Warrior King and the emperor of Klingons race. He became the ruler by defeating the mightiest warrior Molor. Kahless united all the Klingons and gave them the laws of honor. He provided them a platform and a better life. Kahless was ruthless and potent. He was irresistible with his Sword of Honor. This Replica blade is a decent taste for Star Trek fans.

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