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Lionheart Winged Gunblade Final Fantasy VIII

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Regular Price: £200.00

Special Price: £190.00

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Overall Length: 37 inches
Blade Length: 27"
Handle: 10"
Free Mild leather Sheath
Blade Type: High Quality Stainless Steel - Includes Keychain Lionheart Isignia on hilt

Regular Price: £200.00

Special Price: £190.00


Here, we are presenting the famous Lionheart Winged Gunblade Blade . This is the ultimate collectible of Squall Leonheart who wields this Blade to defeat the Chaos Warriors. Leoheart became famous among fans and was the Lionheart Blade became his trademark. He is probably considered the strongest Cosmos warrior with an amazing Blade. He usually remains silent and rarely discusses his matters with his comrades. He does not prefer relying on others. When he was young, his sister was taken away, and this thing created an impact of loneliness on him. Later on, he became unfriendly and unsocial. However, the other Cosmos warriors became his family and created a positive impact on his personality. Rinoa Heartilly is the love interest of Squall whom he serves as a soldier under a contract. Buy Blades from the legitimate Online Replica Bladess Store of ours and get immense concessions.


The winged Blade of Squall is the upgraded version of gunblade Blade. The Lionheart Blade widens the attack range of Leonheart’s melee attacks and doubles the damage inflicted on opponents. The Blade now has twelve pulse ammo rounds. Its physical appearance is changed when transformed. The blade is colored with a shade of blue and accented with a golden pattern on it. The hilt is like a revolver with a prong like projection under it. The Blade has a Keychain named Lionheart Isignia, which enhances the magnificence of the Blade. A Cheap Blade with the best quality standards to present someone as a gift. Your Replica Blades collection will be incomplete without it so buy it exclusively from Swords Kingdom.

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Weight 3.5000

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