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Lou Wo Heart Japanese Sword 37"

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Regular Price: £223.09

Special Price: £209.64

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Overall Length: 37"
Blade:26 inches
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel -
Hamon design on blade
Blade Finish: Dull
Handle: Wooden handle with sky blue string wrapping
Fitting: Brass finish, Solid Cast Metal Guard and Pommel
Scabbard Material: Stainless steel black scabbard with black ribbon wrapping (Free)

Regular Price: £223.09

Special Price: £209.64


The Anime replica swords are the most demanded among the Anime series. Lou Wo Heart Japanese Katana sword is one of the best Anime Replica swords made so far. Lou Wo is one of the Vizards in the anime series. Vizards are the Soul Reapers that contain Hollow powers. They stood against Aizen’s Espada and fought against them. Many people consider Ichigo one of these Vizards. As he possesses soul reapers and Hollow powers at the same time. These Vizards put wear a hollow mask to use their hollow powers. This thing allows them to add Hollow powers to their original Soul Reapers powers. Their spiritual pressure becomes the mixture of Hollow and Soul Reapers. Lou Wo appears in “manga” and Anime series. His role was quite short but entertaining. He represents the era of the 90s. With his Afro hairstyle and costume, he looks like a Rap-star. He wears the violet sunglasses.

Lou Wo carries a fancy, ornamental Katana sword. This sword comes with a light blue shaded scabbard. This replica sword is famous for its heart-shaped cross guard. The stylish heart shaped guard has fragments like designs on it. The violet color scheme of this Samurai sword enhances the fairness. This cheap sword has a sheath wrapped with deep blue fabric. The sheath comes with a black flame finish. We are offering it at a discount price. Make sure to avail this opportunity and amaze yourself by this Katana sword. Such Samurai swords are found rarely. As it is a cheap sword made under best quality standards. Buy this cheap sword from our online swords store. The Samurai sword is a perfect collectible for all the Anime swords collectors.

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Weight 3.0000

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