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Naruto Zabuza Momochi Replica Sword

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Regular Price: £310.00

Special Price: £290.00

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Overall Length: 42 Inches
Blade: 30" High Quality Stainless Steel, with Cutout and Hole
Handle Length: 12"
Blade Type: High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

A Hole on blade, cutout on blade, Dull polished, Curved Tip
Cast metal fitting of sword
Free Mild Leather Sheath

Regular Price: £310.00

Special Price: £290.00


NARUTO Momochi ZABUZA Anime SWORD is in our stock. The blade is called Zanbato in general, and it is one of the best replica swords available. The anime introduced this cheap sword for a character in naruto series. Zanbato blade became famous for its bigger size, power and unique design. In the naruto series Zabuza momochi, used this replica sword against his fight with Kakashi Hatake. Zabuza was portrayed as a cold, ambitious, rude, arrogant and brutal shinobi. His journey started when he was a teen. In his teenage hood, he entered a school and killed almost every single student in the school with his cheap sword. So, later on they named him as Demon of the hidden mist. In ancient times, this blade was used for cutting off the legs of enemy's horse in battles. After that, ZABUZA Sword was passed from generation to generation of swordsmen (shinobi) until it reached Zabuza. The replica sword requires strength and technique to handle it, so Zabuza is the perfect man for it.

Powerful strokes, superior design and the long blade make this cheap sword unique. The swords have a lot of weight and length, and this characteristic is helpful in battles. Long handle enables a ninja to hold it with ease even with two hands. Handle is black while the rest of the cheap sword is made of stainless steel. The upper hole and lower cutout on this blade are made for balancing as it got some serious weight. This blade is specially made for slice and dice and can even cut a horse or even a man. One can breakthrough armor with a stroke of this sword. In short, it is a perfect blade and, you will get it at an affordable price. You can use it as an ornamental item. Buy this sword from our online swords store and get distinct discount.

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Weight 4.0000

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