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Ninja Symbol 3-piece Blue Samurai Sword Set

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Overall length of katana is 39 inches
Overall length of wakizashi is 31 inches
Overall length of tanto is 21 inches
1 katana sword
1 wakizashi
1 tanto
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel -
Blade Finish: Dull
Handle: Plastic handle with string wrapping
Fitting: Silver Cast Metal fitting Guard and Pommel
Scabbard: Ribbon Wrapped Stainless Steel gloss blue Scabbard (FREE)

Regular Price: £152.70

Special Price: £132.78


We're supplying a complete ornamental and splendid replica Daisho set. Daisho describes a phrase meaning keeping a matched up set of typically made Japanese Blade. Daisho literally means the large-little. Daisho is really a set including a lengthy sword having a shorter one. I.e. pairing a tanto with tachi. Only Samurais accustomed to put on Daisho. Greater Rated Samurais put on costly Daisho sets like a badge. Here, we're supplying a unique Daisho set using the blue sheaths. The very first weapon is really a Katana sword, with a curved edge which involves Tamahagane. The Tamahagane is really a superior steel found only in Japan. It includes hard and hard steel. Katana sword is easily the most famous weapon transported by Samurais. The 2nd sword within the set is Wakizashi replica sword. The Wakizashi Samurai sword seemed to be famous among Samurais. But, it's shorter than the usual Katana sword. The form is near to any Katana sword. The 3rd edge within the set is Tanto. The Tanto is really a traditional small Japanese sword. The standard Fighting techinques involve using Tanto like a weapon. How big a tanto is between 15 and 30 centimetres. Japanese mainly designed the tanto like a stabbing weapon.

The 3 from the Replica within this collection include the wrapped sheaths. These sheaths also provide circled fans like designs in it. This can be a perfect Samurai sword set for a cheap price cost. This adorable Samurai symbol set will increase your honor without a doubt. The replica sword set is solely obtainable in our online sword store. Buy this cheap sword set from Swords Kingdom and cut costs.

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