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Renji Abarai Unawakened Handmade Sword

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Overall Length: 40 inches
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel - 
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle: Wooden handle with black string wrapping
Fitting: Brass Finish, Solid Cast Metal Guard and Pommel
Scabbard: Black Ribbon Wrapped on Stainless Steel Scabbard (FREE)

Regular Price: £116.48

Special Price: £101.29


The replica sword of Renji is finally in your reach. Buy this sword from our online swords store. Renji Abarai is a strong character and the protagonist in the Anime series. He is brutal and a fight lover. Currently, he is the lieutenant of squad 13. Renji considered Captain Byakuya as his idol. The main aim of his life was to defeat Captain Byakuya. He first thought Ichigo as an enemy. But when it came to save Rukia, he allied with Ichigo. The two fights together after for the sake of well-being of soul society. Renji was also a homeless kid just like Rukia. In his childhood, he teams up with Rukia and the rest group for survival. Renji was born in Rukan District 78, where people had a higher standard of living. Renji was unable to fit in there. So he went to the Soul Reapers academy and started training with Rukia. After great struggle, Renji and Rukia finally became soul reapers.

Renji makes his first appearance in 15th and 16th episode of Anime . Renji’s whole body has tattoos. The long crimson hair adds allurement to Renji. The soul society sent him along Byakuya to track Rukia. First, he defeats Urio Ishida and then clashes with Ichigo. There he uses the transformed state of his sword for the first time. His unawakened Katana sword is incredibly powerful even without transformation. He utilizes different moves during the fight. This elegant black samurai sword fits Renji perfectly. It matches with Renji’s black dress. This cheap sword has a nylon wrapped handle. The cross guard of Unawaken Katana sword has spaces like designs similar to Renji’s tattoos. We claim this Samurai sword is handmade. We designed this cheap sword while keeping all of the details in mind. The black, polished sheath has a wrapped fabric around it. If you like Renji and his attitude, then you must get this Samurai sword. Buy replica swords from Swords Kingdom and save big.

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