Kingdom Hearts Functional Sora Keyblade



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Overall Length with Scabbard: 29.5″
Total Length: 23″
Blade Length: 15″
Handle Length: 8″
Free Display Stand

Kingdom Hearts Sora Keyblade:

Kingdom Hearts is the most popular game based on a fictional universe. The story tells about the main character Sora’s journey. They all fight against the main antagonist Xehanort in the whole series. The Kingdom Hearts game consists of thirteen game series that all are available for multiple platforms. It is a famous game all around the world, just in 2019 more than 32 million copies shipped. If we look around the characters of the game, Sora is the main fictional character, who lives in the Destiny Islands and the best friend of Riku and Kairi since childhood.

Keyblades are the imaginary items in the series. Sora wielded the main keyblade as well as the other characters’ prop. In the game, the main part of the fight is between Darkness and Light. Keyblade acts on both sides like a sword to defend against enemies and a key to unlock doors, locks, and even hearts. It also seals off or opens the ways between the worlds. So, the Sora Keyblade is also called Kingdom Key.

Product Details:

  • The overall length of the Functional Sora Kingdom Key 23”.
  • With scabbard, its length is 29.5”.
  • The overall length has a 15” blade length and 8” free scabbard.
  • It is the best product for cosplay, gift, and ornament.
  • You will get a free display stand along with the replica keyblade.

    We are offering the Sora Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Replica at an affordable price with free shipping in the UK. Don’t wait, hurry up and order now. You will receive your product at your doorstep. If you want to explore more versions of keyblade, visit our Kingdom Hearts Replica Keyblades category.

    Can I buy it in bulk?

    Yes, you can buy as per your requirements.

    Is anything free with the functional keyblade?

    Yes, a display stand is free with the functional keyblade.

    What are the shipping charges?

    If you are living in the Uk, shipping is 100% free.

    Additional information

    Weight 2.5 kg

    Customer Reviews

    2 reviews for Kingdom Hearts Functional Sora Keyblade

    1. Henry (verified owner)

      I’ve used this sword for stage combat, and it has held up remarkably well. It’s durable and looks great on stage.

    2. Violet (verified owner)

      I’ve been practicing swordsmanship with this sword, and it has greatly improved my technique. It’s a well-balanced weapon.

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