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Star Trek Klingon - Bat'leth Blade 24"

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Overall Length: 24"
Blade Material: High Quality Stainless Steel,
Fantasy Style blade.
Handle Material: Neopack black Leather wrapped, comfortable grip.

Regular Price: £80.93

Special Price: £70.38


Klingon collectibles aren't just for the hardcore Trekkies out there, anyone would look bad-ass with one of these and you certainly don't want to mess with someone carrying it. Otherwise known as the sword of honour, the Bat'leth is considered the most popular collectible among Klingon warriors.

The Bat'leth is the Klingon longsword, designed by martial arts enthusiast and Star Trek: The Next Generation effects producer Dan Curry. The Bat'leth is a curved blade with spiked protrusions and three handholds along the middle of the blade's back. In battle, the handholds are used to twirl and spin the blade rapidly.

The bat'leth, or sword of honor is a traditional Klingon blade collectible, resembling a crescent-shaped, two-ended scimitar.

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Weight 1.5000

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