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Fantasy Sword of Odin

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Regular Price: £205.00

Special Price: £99.00

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Overall Length: 40.5 inch
High Quality Stainless Steel Blade
Blade Length: 31.5 inch
Handle Length:9 inch
Free Mild leather Sheath

Regular Price: £205.00

Special Price: £99.00


We are presenting one of the best Fantasy Blade ever made. The famous Blade of Odin right from the Asgard has arrived for you. It has come to serve you with all of its glory. It looks appropriate as the fictional Blade used by the Norse God himself. Odin was a chief God in the Norse mythology, (a subset of Germanic mythology and beliefs) and the ruler of Asgard (Home of the Gods). He is shown in the books and comics as wielding this Blade. The Blade appeared in many comic books and cartoon published by Marvel. In a Comic Odin Blade, the Blade is shown having a length of thousands of miles. The evil dragon Surtur stole it from the empire of Norse God. The evil forces stole this Blade for the destruction of the world. There was a prophecy that if the Blade is pulled out of the scabbard, it will destroy the whole world. So the allied forces of super heroes along with Thor (the son of Odin) try to defeat the Surtur and save the world in time.

We made the Blade with precise detailing and best quality standards. It looks close to the real one. The most notable thing in whole Blade is the attached cross guard and hilt. The heavy metal hilt has mythological patterns on it, which enhances the terror of this Replica Blade. The cross guard has two horns like curved projections that stand with pride. The guard develops into a pointed tip end in the middle. The pommel has a creature like statue on it. The quality stainless steel blade is pointed at the end. The blade has certain spiked like protrusions on both sides. However, these are not sharp. Get hold of this fantasy Blade and amuse yourself by it. A perfect ornamental and ancient Cheap Blade for serious collectors. Buy Replica Blades from our legitimate Online Replica Blades Store, and get colossal discounts on all products.

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Weight 3.5000

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