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Thundercat Sword 47"

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Regular Price: £112.30

Special Price: £97.65

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Overall Length: 47"
Blade: 35"
Handle: 12"
Free Mild leather Sheath

Regular Price: £112.30

Special Price: £97.65


We proudly present the ThunderCat Sword as seen in the TV series. It is an American animated television series produced by Rankin/Bass. The series is based on a group of cat-like humanoid aliens (ThunderCats). The story starts when the planet of Thundera is dying. It forces the inhabitants to flee away. So they gathered their stuff and flee in starships to any safe Planet. On their journey, they got attacked by some mutants of Plun-Darr who are after the sword of Omens. These mutants destroyed most of the Thundercats’ starships. They wanted to get the magical sword of Omens that contains the eye of Thundera (the only source of power). The Capsule was damaged by the attack of mutants. The young lord of ThunderCats Lion-O was also present in the Capsule. The starship was no more in a state of carrying on the journey so the eldest of ThunderCats, Jaga decided to make an emergency land on planet Third Earth. Jaga died of old age in this process. When the ThunderCats awoke on Third-Earth, Lion-O realized that the process has aged him. Now he has become a powerful adult. They built a headquarter, Cat's Lair and gather their forces to defeat the demonic Mumm-Ra who eagerly wants the sword of Omens.

The ThunderCat sword is the exact replica of the original. We created it with precise detailing and best quality standards. The replica sword has magical powers. Lion-O first used it to awake the other cats. The eye of Thundera is attached to the hilt. The stylish cheap sword has a highly reflective blade. Lion-O reflected the Mumm-Ra’s reflection on certain occasions. The Thundercats sword of Omens features two stainless steel prongs. The sword is crafted from stainless steel. A leather sheath is included. Buy this sword from our online store.

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Weight 4.0000

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