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Urahara Kisuke Benihime Shikai Replica Sword 44.5"

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Regular Price: £223.09

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Overall Length: 44.5"
Handle : 14.5"
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel
Slightly Sharp Blade
Blade Finish: Dual tone (Silver Black)
Handle: Wooden handle with black string Wrapping
Fitting: Solid Metal, Brass Finish Pommel and Guard
Free Mild Leather Wrapped

Regular Price: £223.09

Special Price: £209.64


Get the famous Replica Sword for Urahara Benihime Shikai state. Buy this Online Sword from our trusted site. Kisuke Urahara is a polite and gentle man. He never cares about anything and remains calm. Flashback shows that he was a former captain and a strong fighter. Now he is enjoying his life in a shop with his three employees. His shop deals in all kinds of Shinigami items. Urahara makes his first appearance in the 6th episode of anime. Rukia came to his shop to buy certain items for Ichigo. Urahara always wears a traditional Japanese dress and a hat. When Soul society prisoned Rukia, Urahara seemed as an important master in training Ichigo. After a ten day training, Ichigo was ready to kick the Soul society.

Urahara always holds a cane, yet he is too young. It is a concealed weapon which can further transform into full form. Urahara calls his replica sword Benihime. He trained Ichigo with this Katana sword and then transforms it. Benihime has an extinctive and destructive attack called Benihime’s Nake technique. Urahara swings his sword in the air. It releases crimson colored energy blasts which can kill multiple opponents at the same time. Urahara can charge his attack to produce damage. He uses the same Katana sword when fighting the main antagonist, Aizen. This Replica sword is a Benihime’s Shikai state. In this state, Benihime Katana sword becomes admirable and powerful than before. The blade is made of black steel. The cane is no longer when Benihime transforms. This thing surprises Ichigo as well. Another name of Urahara’s benihime, Replica sword is Crimson princess. The awakened form of this blade is much lethal and better. All the Urahara’s fans prefer it. This cheap sword is made while keeping in mind all the quality standards. The Urahara Katana sword is demanded one so better get hurry before all the pieces are sold.

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Weight 3.0000

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