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Functional Belly Dance Swords for Sale in UK

Functional Belly Dance Swords for Sale in UK | Free Shipping

Belly Dance is a famous Arabian dance form that originated in Egypt. It involves different dance forms that depend on the country and region with costume and dance style. Egyptian dance style and its traditional rhymes now presenting in different schools worldwide. The belly dance was taken from the French term danse du ventre in 1864. This form of dance also has a long history in the Middle East. It has two different social contexts in the Middle East, and one is folk or social dance and the other one is performance art. In social dance context, it is also called Raqs Baladi or Raqs Shabbi that is performed in social gathering and celebrations.

Belly Dance swords are the popular swords that are used with dance moves. It gives the feeling of power and control of the body. The audience gives preference to see belly dance along with the sword, dancing with a sword only does with more practising and dedication. You can also check our other categories.

Belly Dance Swords


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