Browse the best collection of Kingdom Hearts Keyblades for sale on SwordsKingdom UK. Kingdom Hearts is a series of action/adventure Role-Playing video games series with puzzle-solving elements. The franchise was developed and published by Square Enix, and Disney owns the rights. Originally it was a crossover between Square Enix and Disney universes that also contained some Pixar characters.

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Unsheathe your curiosity and discover iconic powers of mysterious keyblades…

Warm Welcome to, here you can find replicas of swords which are referred to in the game “Kingdom Hearts”. We have a wide range of different swords, all of them are made with paying attention to minor details to look like the real thing. Whether you’re a fan of Kingdom Hearts, like to dress up as the characters, or just want to collect stuff like this, we have the optimistic options for you. Here are just a few of the swords we have:

Kingdom Heart Sora Keyblade:
For Kingdom Hearts fans this is the sword which must have to be. It’s perfect if you prefer to dress up as the characters of the game or to collect cool stuff.

Fenrir Keyblade:
A super powerful sword which makes you feel like a real Keyblade wielder can never be rather than this. It’s great if you want to dress up like that.

Kingdom Heart Oblivion Keyblade:
If you’re fond of adding interesting things to your collection or you want to be a Keyblade master, it is the best ever choice. Literally, this sword has a miraculous mysterious vibe to it.

Sleeping Lion Keyblade:
If you want to dress up like a princess, there is no better option than this. It is such an elegant and beautiful piece of art.

Soul Eater Riku Sword:
If you want to add some cool stuff to your collection or you want to look like Riku, a popular character in Kingdom Hearts Game, it is the best sword to choose. It is dark in color and has an edgy style.


1.How do characters obtain Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts?
Ans. Usually Individuals who choose Keyblades have a strong heart and determination toward their purpose. For Example: Sora the series’ protagonist.

2. Are all Keyblades the same?
Ans. No, all the keyblades are not the same, they are of different shapes, sizes, colors, designs and distinct abilities. For example, the “Oathkeeper” Keyblade represents friendship.

3. Can a person have more than one Keyblade?
Ans. Yes, In the Kingdom Hearts universe a character can have more than one keyblades depending upon its duties and abilities.

5.Can I get a Keyblade in real life?
Ans. No, you can’t because Keyblades are just the objects of the fantasy world of Kingdom Hearts.

Also, we have a variety of different swords in stock, like Fenrir, Fatal Crest, and many more. Each one of them is made with paying attention to minor details, so fans and collectors will actually love them.