From history, we know that Assyrian soldiers started the usage of helmets. The old helmets were not more protective but made from thick leather and bronze to save the head from swords, arrows, and many other combat objects.

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The medieval time's helmets cover the whole head with throat and neck as well. So, after wearing on head warriors feel comfortable and protected their head from injuries. You see one of the most famous helmets in 300 movie that all King Leonidas army was wearing Spartan Helmet.

At present, the helmet is the most item for any soldier and it also wearing in sports and on bikes. Now all helmets become more protective and durable. Thousands of action movies are based on action, fight, and adventure scenes. Medieval items like swords, helmets, shields, and many other collectibles are using in the ancient stories. We are also offering medieval replica helmets at our store. So hurry up and select your favorite ancient helmet and play a role in cosplays. You can also buy Medieval Replica Shields from SwordsKingdom.