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Total Length: 18″
Width: 15″
Weight: 2.15 KG

Conan the Barbarian Helmet:

Conan, the Barbarian helmet, takes you back to the days when he went on various adventures to conquer the land. His sword and helmet were his best friends. Historians also called him Conan the Cimmerian, his birthplace being Cimmeria. Conan is a fictional hero whose story appeared in comics, movies, television programs, and even video games. He was a master of sword ships and sorcery. The fantasy world recognizes him as the most famous and best-known barbarians.

Replica Conan Helmet is a must thing for the Conan fans, either use in cosplay or for home decoration. Rexor wore it for the whole duration of the movie. This helmet not only provides protection but is also an intimidating artifact to own. Conan suffered too many blows to his head, and the helmet was always his prized possession, which saved him in wars and battles. Otherwise, Conan might not have survived the number of battles he fought and won.

Product Details:

  • The total length of the Conan Helmet replica is 18″.
  • The replica helmet has a 15″ total width.
  • The upper portion of the Barbarian Helmet presents two horns and fur all around the helmet.
  • It is a perfect piece for the Conan fans.
  • The overall weight of this helmet is 2.15 KG.
  • You can use it either for cosplay or for home decoration.


You can buy Conan the Barbarian replica Helmet UK from this page. After putting your order, you can receive it within 3 to 5 working days at your doorstep. Our free shipping policy for the UK People will make you happier. If you love the movie characters and their items, we have hundreds of replica items; check our Movie Swords category.

Is Conan helmet easily adjustable to all size heads??

Yes, with the help of adjustable strap, you can wear it easily.

What are the shipping charges for UK?

The shipping is free for UK customers.

What is the total weight of this helmet?

The total weight of this helmet replica is 2.15 KG.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Conan the Barbarian Helmet Replica

  1. Ethan (verified owner)

    I’m very satisfied with this sword. The weight is perfect, the blade is sharp, and it feels sturdy in my hand.

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    This sword is exactly what I was looking for. The blade is sharp, the grip is comfortable, and it has a great weight to it.

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