King Arthur is the legendary British leader of all times in the medieval histories. His great victory was when he led his forces against Saxon at the end of 5th and start of 6th century.

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Let’s keep the spirit of King Arthur alive and delve into the iconic historical world.

The Great British Ruler, the legend of King Arthur who has been capturing and grasping the attention and imagination of people for years with his stories of honor, bravery and courtesy is King Arthur. In Arthurian legends he wielded iconic powerful swords with their distinct features and significance.Excalibur and Caliburn are the swords which were often associated with the king. The legend of King Arthur’s swords, particularly Excalibur, has captivated our imagination and left an indelible mark on literature, art, and popular culture.


 Q1. How many swords did King Arthur have?   

Ans. King Arthur is often associated with different swords in different versions. The most famous ones are:  

  • Excalibur  
  • Clarent  
  • Caliburn  

Q2. Did King Arthur use his swords in battles?   

Ans. Yes, in Arthurian legends, King Arthur used his swords in various battles. 

Q3. Are there any real swords associated with King Arthur?   

Ans. No, there are no swords which are associated with King Arthur directly.  

Q4. Which sword was the most significant?  

Ans. The most famous and significant sword of King Arthur is Excalibur. It was made from the stone which symbolizes his powers.  


Q5. Is Excalibur real?   

Ans. The physical and historical existence of Excalibur is a matter of debate. Some people say it is real, and some say it is a fictional object. 

Q6. What is the Sword in the Stone?   

Ans. The Sword Arthur pulled from an anvil (stone) sometimes referred to as Excalibur, which represents his leadership and bravery.