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Legend of Zelda Swords & Shields for Sale in UK

Legend of Zelda Swords & Shields for Sale in UK | Free Shipping

History and Background of Legend of Zelda:

This page features a splendid list of The Legend of Zelda Swords & Shields for sale. Legend of Zelda is a video game franchise developed and published by Nintendo. The series has spawned 19 installments released on multiple gaming platforms over the course of 32 years. And thus, this series is credited as one of the most successful video games franchise of all time. Containing elements of Action/Adventure and puzzle solving, there are still tons of options to explore the world in addition to saving it.

The plot of Legend of Zelda revolves around Link – the main protagonist in the series who has slightly different incarnations throughout the series. But the common element is that he doesn’t speak at all and is in fact not mute. He is often tasked with saving the Princess Zelda of Hyrule Kingdom who is the guardian of Triforce of Wisdom. The Triforce is an omnipotent artifact that should be protected from Ganon at all cost. Since the Ganon cannot activate the Triforce himself, he kidnaps Princess Zelda nearly in all the game installments, and hence, the quest of the link to save the Princess, Triforce and the world begins. Despite having similar storylines, the series is still popular and quite entertaining.

What will you find here?

Swords Kingdom UK has compiled the below list of Legend of Zelda Swords and Shields with special attention for every die-hard fans. Each one of the below items has realistic details making it look exactly like the originals. Having balanced structure and comfortable grips, these items make a good prop for cosplays and personal collections. We also took the privilege of discounting the prices and putting special sales on some of them for a limited time only. So you may pick one from our Zelda Swords for sale collection before the sale runs out.

  • Link Dark Master Sword
  • Link Fierce Diety Sword
  • Link Hylian Shield
  • Link Master Sword
  • Link Master sword new version
  • Link Ordon sword

And many other of the series.

Legend of Zelda


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