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Length: 25.5″
Width: 19″

Link Majora’s Mask Hero Shield:

Majora’s Mask Shield is one of the best shields in the Legend of Zelda series. It is also called the Hero’s Shield and used by Link at the start of Majora’s Mask. The shield has similarities to the Hylian shield like a red bird, a blue base, the ultimate power of the eye, and some others. These are the common features in comparison. In the Majora Mask series, five shields such as Mirror shield, Deku Shield, Goron Shield, Zora Shield used, Hero Shield, are one of them.

It protects Link from most attacks and couldn’t be burned by fire. The Link Shield belongs to his family and Link’s grandma gave it to him when he was leaving for Outset Island to save his sister. He properly uses it before getting the Mirror Shield in the Earth Temple. After getting another shield, it disappears from the Link’s inventory. It also appears in the Breath of the Wild, where Princess Zelda used it.

Product Details:

  • Hero Shield is from Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.
  • It is a high-quality replica shield.
  • The overall length is 25.5” and the width is 19”.
  • The Link Mask Shield is the same as in the series.
  • It is the best product for cosplay, collection, or a gift.

If you want to buy Majora Mask Hero’s Shield Replica at an affordable price, order now and receive it at your doorstep. You can also buy different shields from our Legend of Zelda category.

Can I buy it in bulk?

Yes, you can buy as per your requirements.

What is the overall length?

The overall length is 25.5″.

What are the shipping charges?

If you are living in the Uk, shipping is 100% free.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Link Majora’s Mask Shield Replica from Zelda

  1. Anna (verified owner)

    This sword is perfect for my historical reenactments. It adds authenticity to my performances.

  2. Nathan (verified owner)

    I’m really impressed with the durability of this sword. It has held up well to rigorous training sessions.

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