300 Movie is an American action film based on the Persian Wars. It relates to the great Spartans, the brave warriors, and one of his age’s strongest army. There are two movies on brave Spartans: 300, and the other is 300: Rise of an Empire.

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The Spartan army was at the center of Sparta's state, and they were trained according to their disciplines and honors. In the 4th and 6th centuries BC, all other nations accepted that one warrior of the Spartan army has more worth than any other state.

Spartans were the experienced warrior, so they attack bravely and defeated many times bigger armies than Spartans. The Sparta army uses many attacking and defending items; one of their main props was the dory spear. They use dory's spear for the close combat, but they used spear-shaped Javelin for the long-range attacks they used. Xiphos was a sword that calls him a Spartan Sword, uses it as a secondary prop and defending himself, and used bronze shields. They all armed the same as the whole the ancient Greek armed. These all items are now at our store. You can further explore more items from our Gladiator Swords category.