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Functional King Leonidas Spartan Helmet Replica from 300



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Total Length: 15″
Width: 14″
Weight: 1.86 KG
Included with Hairs

Functional Spartan Helmet with Hair:

King Leonidas was the famous ancient Greek warrior King who led the army of Spartans. He was a robust physical person with immense fighting abilities. Sparta, the ancient city of Greece, was famous in the world because of Spartans and their wisdom, fighting, truthfulness, equality, and many other factors. The Spartans came to power in the 4th century BC. Every Greece people couldn’t become a Spartan. They had to pass different training tests. Interested people were sent to the Infancy as a test. Those who passed the training were sent to the agoge where the real exercise of Spartans starts.

Apart from the combat training, boys also got training in music, poetry, academics, and others. At the age of 30, passed people become Spartans and get their sword and Helmet. The Spartan Helmets were the sign of power, and swords were the sign of destruction for enemies. Even the enemies of Spartans acknowledged their abilities of fighting, wisdom, truthfulness, bravery, and strength. Due to this storyline, the story of Spartans is still very much famous in the world. If you want to get a Spartan Helmet or Swords, then the Swords Kingdom is the best platform for you. We have a wide range of 300 Spartans Swords and Helmets.

Product Details:

  • The total length of the Spartan helmet with hairs is 15”.
  • Its entire width is 14”.
  • The overall weight is equal to 1.86 KG.
  • The golden color makes it more astonishing in looks.
  • You can buy it for cosplays. gifts, and home collection.

So, after reading the features of Functional King Leonidas Spartan Helmet Replica, place your order here for getting it at a discounted price. You can buy it with free shipping in the UK. Apart from the Helmet, we are also selling many other cosplay items of King Leonidas, check our 300 Swords category.

Are hairs present on the top of this Spartan Helmet?

Yes, this Spartan Helmet replica comes with hairs.

What material is used in its construction?

It is made from high-quality brass and steel.

What are the shipping charges for UK?

The shipping is free within UK.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Functional King Leonidas Spartan Helmet Replica from 300

  1. Maya (verified owner)

    The craftsmanship on this sword is excellent. The blade is well-tempered, and the fittings are solidly attached.

  2. Sophia (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with this sword. It’s well-made, sturdy, and performs excellently in combat.

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