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Demon Dog Tessaiga Sword 55 Inches



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Overall Length: 55″
Blade Length: 38″
Handle Length: 17″
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel
, Curved Blade
Blade Finish: Dull Finish
Handle Material: Wooden Leather Wrapped
Fitting: Solid Metal, Brass Finish Pommel and Guard
Free Mild Leather Sheath!

Demon Dog Tessaiga Sword:

Get ready for the Dog Demon’s ultimate weapon known as “Tessaiga” that sees in the popular Anime series “Inuyasha”. The main protagonist also the name was Inuyasha who was the son of a human girl and dog demon father. When he opened his eyes, he realized it was not a world for the weak so he used self-learned skills to combat the others ensuring his survival. He became so powerful that he could easily defeat most of the demons bare-handed. When he later found Tessaiga, he started to use it as a signature weapon and carried it with himself all the time. After a 50-year long sleep, he awake and had the physical appearance of a 17-year-old boy.

Inuyasha Tessaiga Sword replica comes with a gigantic length and we think it’s the best out there. Usually, fans demand bigger blades, but in this case, they couldn’t ask for more. The design of the blade is slightly curved just like the original and has a slightly sharp edge. But don’t worry, it will not hurt anybody. Then there’s the long metal hilt that supports the whole sword along with the metal guard.

Product Details:

It is now available at our Swords Kingdom store under realistic specifications. If you want to purchase it now, then read the product details.

  • The overall length of the Tessaiga Replica Sword is 55”.
  • Its blade is made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • The overall length has 38” blade length and 17” handle length.
  • The handle material is of wood and leather-wrapped on it.
  • You will get mild leather sheath free.
  • It is the best sword for home decoration, gifts, and ornaments.

So, after reviewing the specifications of Tessaiga Blade, if you want to get it at a discounted price, then this is the right time for you. Buy it and make your events more special. You can also buy one of the giant Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Sword from our store.

What is the overall length of the sword?

The overall length of the sword is 55″.

Is anything free with the Anime Sword?

Yes, a mild leather sheath is free with the sword.

What are the shipping charges?

If you are living in the UK, then shipping is 100% free.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Demon Dog Tessaiga Sword 55 Inches

  1. Joshua (verified owner)

    I’m very satisfied with this sword. The blade is sharp and the handle is comfortable to grip.

  2. Layla (verified owner)

    I bought this sword as a gift for my son, and he absolutely loves it. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and it’s a great addition to his collection.

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