We always take the privacy of our valuable customers and users seriously and have always dealt it with great care. Usually, your sensitive information like credit card numbers and other things like that are neither collected by us nor stored on this site. So, there’s no risk of loss or fraud.

Collection of Personal Info

But we do collect some information like First name, Last name, physical address, billing address, telephone number and email address whenever you place an order. This info is just for the sake of delivering your order at your door (or the billing address holder). We don’t use it for any other purpose nor sell it to any third party in any case. It clearly violates the UK laws of the privacy statement, and there’s no way one could get away by doing so.

Use of Personal Info

We may only use your personal information for sending you our weekly newsletter service. The newsletter will contain important site updates, new promotions, new stocks and other discounts offers. Each newsletter will come with an option to opt-out of the list. You will be provided with an opportunity to unsubscribe anytime you want to.

Collection of Info via Cookies

Swords Kingdom UK stores small files on your computer hard drive that is automatically done. These tiny files are called “cookies”, and they collect information about you including but not limited to IP address, browser’s info, operating system version and info, geographical data, your location and several other small things. They help us know your online identity and help us better understand which pages the user likes and which pages he doesn’t. They let us know if the user has ever visited our site before or not. The cookies also include Google analytics cookies file that helps us track your number of visits to our website and the pages you visit.

Use of this info

The primary source for collecting such info is to improve our products and services and help us provide improved services in the future. We don’t use such logs for any other purpose.

Safety of your Account

Your account that you make upon registration contains your complete name, username, email address, billing address, shipping address, phone number, city and country. Your account on this website is secured with us. No third party can steal your personal data, so you don’t be worry. Keep in mind, we will never sell your account info to any other person or company no matter what.