The Legend of Seeker is a novel based award-winning Television series. The first episode of this series aired on November 1, 2008, under the banner of Disney ABC Domestic Television. It is the Television story of Terry Goodkind’s novel, Sword of Truth. The central theme of this series was Wizard’s first rule on the D’Hara Province of the new world.

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It’s time to Unveil the Legendary Swords of the Seeker, uncover the truth, justice and power.

There is always an interesting tale of heroes and heroines in the fantasy world which begins the thrilling quests of actions, adventures and suspense. There exist iconic swords with remarkable powers. “Legend of the Seeker,” is one of those enchanting sagas where a pair of extraordinary swords are used. These swords are also known as the Sword of Truth and the Sword of Justice. The Swords of Legend of the Seeker are not just weapons but a symbol of truth and justice. 


Q1. What are the Swords of the Seeker?  

Ans. The pair of magical Swords which were featured in the “Legend of the Seeker” book series by Terry Goodkind are Swords of the Seeker. 


Q2. Who forged these legendary swords?  

Ans. The legendary wizard Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander forged the Swords of the Seeker in the lore of the “Legend of the Seeker.”  


Q3. What makes these swords special?  

Ans. These Swords are embodiments of truth and justice. They possess mystical powers which make it different from other swords.  


Q4. Can anyone wield these swords? 

 Ans. The swords are not those which anyone can harness, these are associated with character, determination, and destiny of the Seeker. 


Q5. Are these swords invulnerable?  

Ans. No, the swords are not invulnerable. They can be destroyed.


Q6. What is the significance of the Swords of the Seeker swords?  

Ans. The Swords of Legend of the Seeker are not just weapons but a symbol of truth and justice.  

Legend of the Seeker is not just a fictional tale, book, series or movie but an action of truth and justice.