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Legend of the Seeker Swords for Sale in UK

Legend of the Seeker Swords for Sale in UK | Free Shipping

The Legend of Seeker is a novel based award-winning Television series. The first episode of this series aired on November 1, 2008, under the banner of Disney ABC Domestic Television. It is the Television story of Terry Goodkind’s novel, Sword of Truth. The central theme of this series was Wizard’s first rule on the D’Hara Province of the new world. There was a total of 32 exciting episodes in the very first season of Legend of the Seeker that aired from November 2008 to May 2009. Due to the success of the primary season, another season broadcasted under the same production banner. This time the main story revolves around the Stone of Tears. Three main casts were including Cara were also added in the 2nd seasons.

The Sword of Truth was the main thing behind the Legend of Seeker series. There were three provinces, Westland, Midlands, and D’Hara. The D’Hara was ruled by Darken Rahl who also got some magical powers from God. When Darken Rahl tried to attack the Midlands and Westland, then Richard come front to save his country from the evil forces. Whereas the wizards, seekers, and confessors were under the control of Darken Rahl. Due to such a fantastic storyline, four seasons of Legend of Seeker were broadcasted. In each season, the Sword of Truth was quite different from the previous one.

We, the Swords Kingdom, are offering all four versions of Legend of Seeker Sword of Truth on our store. All swords are made from stainless steel quality with realistic details. The four versions of Sword of truth replica are

    • Legend of Seeker Sword of Truth V1
    • Legend of Seeker Sword of Truth V2
    • Legend of Seeker Sword of Truth V3
    • Legend of Seeker Sword of Truth V4

All fours versions are available under this paragraph. If you are from the UK and you want to buy this Sword, then there is good news for you. You don’t need to pay any shipping charges if you are living within the UK.

Legend of the Seeker


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