Legend of the Seeker Sword of Truth Replica V3



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Legend Of Seeker Replica
Total Length: 41.5″
Blade Length: 29″
Handle Length: 12.5″
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Dull
Double sided edge blade
Fuller and engraving on blade’s both sides
Handle Material: Wooden Handle with Nubuck black leather wrapping
Fitting: Chrome Finish, Solid Cast Metal Guard and Pommel
FREE Mild Leather Sheath
Weight: 1.55 KG

Description of Legend of Seeker Sword of Truth V3:

Legend of the Seeker is a novel based TV series that is based on magical powers. The world in this novel is divided into two parts. One is the New World, and the other is Old World. Three provinces of the new world were very popular due to their people, magical powers, and demographics. The main area of the New World was Midlands that was the central point of Westland and D’Hara. The Midlands also worked as a protection unit as a magical shield was created on its boundary to prevent any magical powers entering Westland. The Westland doesn’t have any magical powers; therefore, it wasn’t an ideal place to live. People were also ordinary there. On the other hand, the D’Hara was under the possession of Darken Rahl. He got some magical powers from God. Confessors, seekers, and wizards were pointed on the protection unit. Women with some magical powers were the confessors. They controlled men with their magical abilities.

Apart from the new world, the Old World was initially introduced in the second novel series. The main character of the series was Richard Cypher, who was a simple man of Westland. But when he became the Seeker of Truth, his whole life changed. The central theme of this story revolves around the journey of Richard. He fought with all evil powers to save his countrymen and his country. He was also the owner of Legend of Seeker Sword of Truth in the series. Because of the astonishing storyline of this novel based series, it became trendy in all parts of the world. If you are willing to grab the Legend of the Seeker Sword of Truth replica V3 at an economical price, then the Swords Kingdom will be best for you.

Product Features:

Here are the amazing features of Legend of Seeker Sword of Truth V3 replica. Have a look at them before placing your order.

  • The overall length of this sword is 41.5 inches
  • The handle length is 12.5 inches, and the blade length is 29 inches.
  • It comes with a free beautiful mild leather sheath
  • You will find engraving on both sides of the blade
  • The dull finishing of the blade gives an elegant look.
  • Wooden handle with Nubuck leather black wrapping looks great
  • It is a chrome finish blade with pommel and sold cast metal
  • High-quality stainless steel material is used in the construction of the blade.
  • It is a great piece for cosplays and gifts.
  • The overall weight of the Legend of Seeker V3 replica sword is 1.55 Kg

These features of the legend of Seeker Sword of Truth v3 replica will surely insist you get it now. Another good news for you is, it comes with free shipping within the UK. Therefore, don’t be late in making your Christmas more special this year. It is available at a very reasonable price. You can also buy Legend of the Seeker Sword of Truth V2 and Sword of Truth V4.

What is the overall length of V3 Sword of truth?

The overall length of the V3 Sword of Truth replica is 41.5 inches.

Are the edges sharpened?

No, the edges aren’t sharp. But you can place a custom order for sharp edges.

How much delivery charges are there for UK people?

For UK people, there aren’t any shipping charges.

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Weight 3 kg

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