He-Man is the main and imaginary character of the Master of the Universe franchise. He features in the franchise and toy line, animated series, and comic books. He-Man and his friends’ main motive is to save and defend the secrets of Castle Grayskull from the evil antagonist of Skeletor.

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He is the alter ego of Prince Adam and She-Ra's twin brother. Power Sword is the trademark item and the fictional sword from the Master of the Universe toyline.

The other names of the trademark sword are Sword of Grayskull and Sword of Power. It has some majestical stories in early times; Skeletor wants to get both halves, combining both and becoming powerful. The Magical Swords of He-Man are now at our store. Get these quality and extraordinary finishing blades at affordable prices. Explore more famous swords from our Movies TV Swords category.