Soul Calibur ignites epic weapon-based battles with unforgettable characters. Explore the series’ rich lore and sharpen your skills in online showdowns.

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Soul Calibur Sword Replica 47 Inches

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Join the adventure and discover the powers of Soul Calibur Swords.

The World of video games is full of battles, warriors, action, suspense, thrill and iconic weapons. Among them a few have captured the attention of gamers for decades quite like the Soul Calibur series. The popular series of fighting video games is Soul Calibur series which was developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This series comprises a collection of captivating swords with distinct histories and abilities. Soul Calibur swords basically originated from mysterious worlds and their lore is captivating which also have a significant role in the saga of the Soul Calibur series.  


Q1. What is Soul Calibur?  

Ans. A popular fighting game series developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment is Soul Calibur. The series is famous for its storytelling, mechanics and its iconic swords. 

Q2. What is the Soul Calibur sword?  

Ans. The Soul Calibur sword is one of the central ideas of the series which symbolizes hope and balance.  

 Q3. What is Soul Edge?  

Ans. The evil part of the Soul Calibur sword is Soul Edge. It depicts its user to be corrupt.   

Q4. Which characters wield the Soul Calibur sword?  

Ans. Characters who wield the Soul Calibur sword are:  

  1. Sophitia  
  2. Siegfried 
  3. Cassandra   

Q5. Are the Soul Calibur swords real?  

Ans. Soul Calibur swords are objects of a fictional world, but the form and functions of these swords reflect the rich piece of art of human sword lore and fantasy.  

Q6: Can I own a replica of the Soul Calibur sword?  

Ans. Yes, there are many replicas available for fans who want to own a piece of Soul Calibur’s legacy.