A sword is a type of item which is used to cutting and thrusting. It is longer than a knife or dagger, consists of a long blade and a hilt. Historically the sword first constructed in the Bronze Age that has the daggers. Later in the Iron age sword, it also remains short and without any crossguard.

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 A Symbol of honor, courage, and skill on the battlefield throughout history are Military Swords. They were the instruments of a hundred years ago and still each one of them possesses its own unique story, history and significance. Military swords date back to ancient times, when they were created out of necessity as means for self-defense and battle. The earliest swords, such as the Egyptian khopesh and Sumerian pugio, were mostly made of bronze and resembled short, stabbing weapons. Iron and steel swords arose as metallurgy advanced, delivering increased strength and durability. 


  Q1. What are military swords?   

Ans. Bladed weapons which are used and designed for combat are Military swords.  

 Q2. When were they first used?   

Ans. Military swords were first used in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia around 3000 BCE.   

 Q3. How are military swords made?  

Ans. Blades are typically forged from high-quality steel and the hilt and guard are crafted from different materials such as wood, leather, and metal.  

 Q4. Were military swords only used for combat?  

Ans. No, some officers and soldiers carried these swords as a symbol of rank and prestige; also, they are used in military ceremonies and parades.  


Q5. What are the different types of military swords?  

Ans. Some well-known types of military swords are:  

  • Cutlass   
  • Saber  
  • katana  

Military swords are still used symbolically in various armed forces.