Spartan Spear Replica from 300



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Overall Length: 84″
Two Piece metal shaft Screws together
Black finished Metal construction

Spartan Spear from 300 History:

Sparta is a city-state in ancient Greece known as Lacedaemon. The Sparta name refers to the main settlement on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia in the south-eastern Peloponnese. Later around 650 BC become the most powerful military land of ancient Greece.  The Spartan was famous as the leading force of the Greek military in Greco-Persian wars against Athens. Both were the enemies from the war of the Peloponnesian War, in which Spartans was victorious. The Spartan army lives in the center of the Spartan state. The people of Spartan trained as warriors in the disciplines and honor of a warrior society.

The Spartans armed with spears and shields, those spears were effective in battle with fewer soldiers. The spear name was dory or doru, it was the chief hoplites in Ancient Greece. The dory meanings are “wood” and “spear”. At that time of the classical period, the dory was the symbol of military power that was also important from the sword. Now, these famous Spartans is available on swordskingdom. It looks like the original one.

  • It is constructed with black metal.
  • The overall length of the Spartan Spear Replica is 84 Inches.
  • You will also get two-piece metal shaft screws together.
  • If you are a fan of Spartan 300, it will remember the old days with home decoration.

If you want to get Replica Spartan Spear from 300 at an affordable price, order now and it will be on your doorstep within 3 to 5 working days. You can also buy from Spartan 300 like 300 Spartan Shield Replica or King Leonidas Spartan Sword Replica from 300.

Can I buy this product in bulk?

Yes, you can buy this product in bulk.

Which things come free with this product?

Only two piece metal shaft screws comes free with this product.

How much I have to pay for shipping this item at my doorstep?

If you are living in the UK region, then shipping is 100% free.

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Weight 3 kg

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2 reviews for Spartan Spear Replica from 300

  1. Alexander (verified owner)

    This sword is a true masterpiece. The craftsmanship is remarkable, and it’s a stunning display piece.

  2. Evelyn (verified owner)

    This sword is a real gem. The blade is sharp, and the handle is comfortable to hold.

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