Link Master Sword Replica 44 Inches with Scabbard



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Overall Length with Scabbard: 44 inches
Total Length: 40″
Blade Length: 29 inches
Guard Width: 11 inches.
This Replica includes a free scabbard!

Legend of Zelda Link Master Sword:

Link Master Sword is from the Legend of the Zelda. Legend of the Zelda is an adventure video game and Link is the main character of the game series. He is one of the main icon characters in the man incarnations in the different series of the game including comic books and animated series. In the series, he appears as a child, teenager, and young adult of the Hylian race. Link fight against many creatures, evil forces, and the main antagonist Ganon where he saves princess Zelda and Hyrule. There are legendary weapons that he used like the mystical Master sword and light arrows.

Master Sword has many names the Blade of Evils Bane, the Sword of Resurrection, or the sword that steals the darkness. It is a magic sword that is used to save the fictional land Hyrule and one of the scary sword that harms Ganon and Realm. The blade is started as a Goddess Sword which has the female avatar named Fi. You will be pleased to see the Link Master Sword at our store. It is a replica sword constructed by high-quality material.

Product Details:

  • Link Master Sword is the replica version.
  • The replica Master Sword has a 44” total length with a scabbard.
  • Without a scabbard, it has 40” in total length.
  • It has a 29” blade length and an 11” handle length.
  • You will get a free scabbard along with the replica sword.

We are offering Link Master Sword replica for sale at an affordable price, if you want to buy it then order now and received on your doorstep within 3-5 working days. You can further check other versions from the Legend of Zelda Swords category.

Can I buy it in bulk?

Yes, you can buy as per your requirements.

Which things come free with the sword?

A scabbard comes free with the Legend of Zelda Sword.

What are the shipping charges?

If you are living in the UK, then shipping is 100% free.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Link Master Sword Replica 44 Inches with Scabbard

  1. Joshua (verified owner)

    This sword feels solid and well-made. It’s a reliable weapon that I can count on during my training sessions.

  2. James (verified owner)

    I’m really pleased with this sword. The blade is sharp, the handle is comfortable, and it feels sturdy in my hand.

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