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Merlin Sword



Overall Length: 120cm
Blade Length: 90cm
Weight: 2.6kg
Material: Stainless Steel
Edge: Blunt
Scabbard: None

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.


Description of Merlin Sword:

Merlin, implies Bird of prey, when he was bring into the world to the lovely Woman of the Lake, the extraordinary druid Hafgan, from whom Merlin was to realize all his sorcery, report the introduction of “The Incomparable Master of Light”. His granddad helped him to be an incredible hero and enthusiastic safeguard of the Realm. He became Merlin the champion druid, steadfast councilor to Uther, the preeminent leader of England. On the demise of Uther with practically no genuine successor, Merlin drove his sword Excalibur into a strong stone and gave his kin a message: “You search for a sign: he who pulls his sword from the stone will be the genuine Lord of all Britain”.

Merlin then, at that point, became mentor to Uther’s knave child Arthur, showing him every one of the wiles of a decent sovereign. Keeping him concealed until the opportunity arrived to unsheathe Excalibur from its stone and guarantee his title as Lord of Britain.

The Sword, frequently connect with the unbelievable wizard Merlin, is a legendary weapon saturate with Arthurian legend. Having exceptional supernatural properties, mirroring Merlin’s massive power and wisdom is said. The Merlin Sword is much of the time portray as an image of security, equity, and the powers of good. While its careful appearance and capacities change in various forms of the Arthurian legends. It is regularly depict as a heavenly sharp edge with perplexing etchings and a grip enhance with valuable pearls.

Legends propose that the Merlin Sword was instrumental in King Arthur’s ascent to drive, helping him in his honorable missions and fights against fiendish powers. The sword histories are different, going from being gift by the Woman. The Lake to having been manufacture by supernatural creatures. No matter what its starting points, the Merlin Sword stays a famous relic addressing the otherworldly and brave components of Arthurian folklore.

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