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Prince Valiant Sword



Overall Length: 92cm
Blade Length: 79cm
Width: 21cm
Weight: 1.7kg
Blade: Tempered AISI 440 Stainless Steel
Edge: Blunt
Scabbard: None

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

Description of Prince Valiant Sword:

Valiant is the child of Aguar, King of Thule, surrendered his privileged position for the usurper Sligon, and lays down a good foundation for himself with his family and a couple of supporters in the bogs of the English coast. The first experiences of Fearless happen in quite a while. Later he saves the existence of the knight Sir Gawain, which permits him to venture out to Camelot. And in the wake of serving Gawain as page, to transform into one knight of the Round Table stressing the bravery that gives him his name. Popular is the “Singing Sword” that he utilized in many fights, in which edge we can peruse: “Powerful is that one who involves me in a valuable motivation”. The Prince Valiant Sword includes a complicatedly definite bronze plated handle that includes the Sovereign’s protected similarity enhanced with six green reenacted gemstones rested among delightful Celtic knotwork. A plated horse head pulverize tops this piece of incredible workmanship. The tempered steel sharp edge of the Prince Valiant Sword includes a more full (blood groove) on each side.

The Sword is a stunning and incredible weapon that oozes an emanation of honorable power and gallantry. Created by ace swordsmiths in a former time, its cutting edge conveys a rich history and is embellish with complex etchings portraying legendary stories of courage and honor. The Prince Valiant Sword handle is formed from cleaned silver, including a magnificent peak that represents genealogy and boldness.

The cutting edge itself is a work of art of craftsmanship, produced from the best steel and skillfully adjusted for both accuracy and strength. Its twofold edged plan broadens close as far as possible. Before smoothly tightening to a sharp point, considering flexible battle procedures. The sharp edge’s mirror-like surface mirrors the spectator, stressing the idea that it isn’t simply a weapon, yet an exemplification of an implicit set of rules.

Enclosed by a carefully plaited cowhide grasp, the Prince Valiant Sword offers a protected hold that answers the wielder’s touch. Its luxurious cross guard is enhanced with gemstones that get the light, add to the sword superb wonder. When drawn from its casing, the sharp edge radiates a thunderous murmur. As though repeating the legends it has had an impact in.

The Sword isn’t simply a weapon; it is a respectable image, mental fortitude, and the immortal goals of knighthood. Prince Valiant Sword has been employ by legends all through the ages, each adding their own section to its celebrate history. By making it a valued artifact that stands as a demonstration of the immortal quest for honesty.


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