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Overall Length: 99cm
Blade Length: 83cm
Width: 21cm
Weight: 2kg
Material: 420 Stainless Steel
Edge: Blunt
Scabbard: None

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.


Description of Sir Lancelot Sword:

Sir Lancelot du Lac was one of the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian legend. He regularly includes as King Arthur’s most prominent friend, the master of Happy Gard, and the best fighter and jouster of the age. Before he passed on, the Woman of the Lake came to help him and the two of them vanished perpetually in the Lake, in this manner regarding his name “Lancelot du Lac”.

Sir Lancelot’s sword, frequently alluded to as “Arondight,” is an unbelievable weapon saturate with Arthurian legend and chivalric uprightness. Made by an expert smith and covered in secret, this sword is an image of Lancelot’s gallant accomplishments and unfaltering faithfulness to Lord Arthur’s court.

Arondight’s cutting edge is fashion from the best steel, its edges sharpened to a sharp, deadly sharpness. The grip is decorate with multifaceted inscriptions portraying scenes of bravery and honor, mirroring Lancelot’s respectable person. Its handle is decorate with a glimmering gemstone, said to catch and mirror. The light like an encouraging sign on the war zone.

The sword’s standing is additionally improve by its otherworldly properties. Legend tells that Arondight was ruge, a demonstration of Lancelot’s power even with misfortune. Its edge sparkled with an ethereal brilliance, enlightening even the most obscure evenings, an image of the fortitude and nobility that Lancelot typified.

Arondight was employe with unparallel expertise by Sir Lancelot Sword. Its swings exact and strong, slicing through protective layer and foe lines the same. It was a weapon of equity, used to shield the guiltless and maintain the standards of knighthood.

Eventually, Sir Lancelot’s sword, Arondight, remains as an incredible demonstration of the fearlessness, faithfulness, and ability of the famous knight. Its very name has become inseparable from chivalry, moving innumerable stories of bravery and honor.

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