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Highlander – Connor Macleod Katana



Length: 104cm
Blade Length: 70cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Blade: 420 Stainless Steel
Edge: Sharp
Scabbard: Lacquered Wood

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

Description of Highlander – Connor Macleod Katana:

The Connor Macleod Katana was employ by the undying Connor Macleod in the clique 80’s film Highlander. Connor took the sword upon the demise of his companion and coach Juan Sánchez Villa Lobos Ramírez in 1547 on account of the Kurgan. It was manufacture by the unbelievable smith Masamune as a wedding gift for Ramirez, commenting it was “exceptional”. This sword was utilize to overcome the Kurgan in 1985 and after 10 years (with a reforged edge) to overcome the undying Kane.

This thing is presently out of permit however made to similar definite determinations as the first authorize item. It includes an amazingly nitty gritty false ivory mythical serpent head handle, 420 treated steel sharp edge and dark lacquered casing.

Purchase the Highlander – Connor Macleod Katana with certainty from the UK’s driving film sword retailer.

Moreover, Presenting the Highlander Connor MacLeod Katana – a genuine work of art that deifies the tradition of the cryptic and courageous Connor MacLeod. Made with careful scrupulousness, this katana is an image of the dauntless soul and immortal fortitude that characterize the Highlander adventure.

Fashioned by gifted craftsmans who have excelled at Japanese swordsmithing, the Connor MacLeod Katana highlights a cutting edge of unmatched quality. So, Developed from high-carbon steel, the edge goes through a fastidious producing and treating process, bringing about uncommon sharpness, sturdiness, and a shocking noticeable hamon design. Its plan exemplifies the combination of conventional craftsmanship and Connor’s notorious battling style, making it a fitting recognition for his unbelievable fights.

Moreover, The handle of the katana is a demonstration of Connor’s double personality, consolidating components from his Scottish legacy and his hug of Japanese culture. The certified beam skin and dark cotton wrapping guarantee an agreeable and secure hold, taking into consideration exact and controlled strikes. The complex tsuba, made with Celtic themes, mirrors the combination of two universes and respects Connor’s novel process through time.

Introduced in an extraordinarily planned gatherer’s crate, the Highlander Connor MacLeod Katana is in excess of a weapon – it’s a substantial association with the Highlander universe. Whether showed as a prized focal point or grasped, this katana exemplifies the embodiment of Connor MacLeod’s undying excursion, welcoming you to remember his victories and hardships. Own a piece of realistic history and channel the fearlessness of the Highlander with a katana that epitomizes the tradition of a genuine legend.

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