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Highlander – Duncan Macleod Katana



Length: 104cm
Blade Length: 70cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Blade: 420 Stainless Steel
Edge: Sharp
Scabbard: Lacquered Wood

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

Description of Highlander – Duncan Macleod Katana:

Duncan Macleod used this famous Dragon Katana in the Highlander books and Highlander: Endgame. While training in Japan, Duncan’s instructor Hideo Koto gave him the katana. The shogun had given Hideo the command to kill himself ritually because he had been harboring a foreigner and had given Duncan the sword just before he died.

Despite being manufactured to the exact same specs as the original licensed product, this item is currently off-licence. It has a 420 stainless steel blade, a grip with an incredibly detailed faux ivory dragon’s head, and a red lacquered scabbard.

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Presenting the Highlander Duncan MacLeod Katana – a remarkable edge that gives proper respect to the amazing Duncan MacLeod’s excellent ability and bravery. Made with the greatest possible level of accuracy and regard for the Highlander legend, this katana is a demonstration of the rich legacy and steadfast soul of its famous wielder.

Produced by ace skilled workers utilizing customary Japanese procedures, the Duncan MacLeod Katana brags a cutting edge exceptional quality. Made from high-carbon steel, the edge includes an immaculate clean that features the complex hamon, a demonstration of the sharp edge’s remarkable sharpness and cutting ability. Its painstakingly adjusted plan guarantees both quick strikes and exact control, exemplifying the substance of Duncan’s adaptable battling style.

The handle of the katana is a genuine masterpiece, enhanced with credible beam skin and enveloped by customary dark cotton, giving an ergonomic grasp that is both agreeable and utilitarian. The strong metal tsuba, unpredictably engraved with Celtic bunch designs, overcomes any barrier between Duncan’s Scottish legacy and his dominance of Japanese swordsmanship. The handle, including a tribe peak, gives recognition to his getting through association with the MacLeod genealogy.

Introduced in a striking showcase box, the Highlander Duncan MacLeod Katana is in excess of a simple sword – it’s a praiseworthy image, unwaveringness, and the timeless quest for equity. Whether showed as a focal point in your assortment or used with deference, this katana catches the actual embodiment of Duncan MacLeod’s legacy. Channel the soul of this everlasting champion and remember the incredible clashes and stories that have made Highlander a cherished adventure for ages.

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