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Zorro Sword Replica from Mask of Zorro



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39.5” overall length with Scabbard
Total Length: 37.5″
30″ stainless steel blade
Handle Length: 7.5″
Scabbard : Metal Fitting (FREE)
Handle Material Zinc metal guard and ABS handle

Zorro Sword Replica:

Zorro is one of the most famous fictional characters who appeared in numerous films, books, television series, cartoons, and other media. Created by Johnston McCulley, Zorro is a widely loved figure around the globe. He is the secret and real identity of Don Diego, a former swordsman, and master who saved numerous human lives from the cruel people and corrupted villains. Zorro always carried a sword, with him for self-defense and attacks. Apart from his divine nature towards humanity, he was brave but very fox-like cunning. He aimed to expose and humiliate corrupted ones in front of the public with these cunning tricks.

Zorro appeared in many movies, but his main ones were, Zorro: The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro. The new Zorro was trained by the old one (Dan Diego). Apart from the training, Dan Diego also gave his Replica Zorro Sword to Alejandro Murrieta (New Zorro). Alejandro accepted the Mask of Zorro Sword and the costume of Zorro. He did a great job with Zorro Sword Replica and also defeated the main antagonist, Montero, in the movie. Due to such a great storyline, the Zorro Sword and Mask of Zorro Sword became very popular worldwide. The Sword of Zorro was also lovely in design.

Product Details:

  • The overall length of the Replica Zorro Sword is 39.5” with a scabbard.
  • Without a sheath, it is 37.5” in length.
  • The blade is 30” and 7.5” handle length.
  • High-quality stainless-steel is used in the blade’s construction.
  • The handle is of Zinc Metal with a guard and ABS Handle.
  • A metal-fitting scabbard comes free with this sword.
  • Ideal for carrying in the cosplays due to its design and low-weight.

Buy Zorro Sword now from our website and get it at your doorstep without paying shipping charges within UK Region. Yes, for UK Based people, our shipping is 100% free. Apart from this product, you can also get more replica swords from our store SwordsKingdom.

Is it a full-tang sword?

No, the Zorro Swords isn’t full tang.

Which things come free with this product?

Only a metal fitting scabbard comes free with this product.

How much I have to pay for shipping this item at my doorstep?

If you are living in the UK region, then shipping is 100% free.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Zorro Sword Replica from Mask of Zorro

  1. Alexander (verified owner)

    This sword feels like an extension of my arm. It’s well-balanced and moves fluidly during practice.

  2. Ella (verified owner)

    This sword is a real work of art. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and it looks amazing on display.

  3. Lucy (verified owner)

    I bought this sword for my renaissance fair costume, and it completed the look perfectly. It’s a high-quality prop.

  4. Anna (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with this sword. It’s well-made, sturdy, and performs excellently in combat.

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