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Royal Scottish Claymore



Overall Length:145cm
Blade Length: 99cm
Blade Width: 5.8cm
Blade Thickness:  0.5cm
Guard Width: 30cm
Blade: AISI 440 Tempered Stainless Steel
Edge: Blunt
Scabbard: Not Included
Weight: 2.6kg

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

Description of Royal Scottish Claymore:

The Scottish Claymore Sword was the average weapon of the Good country heroes since the late Medieval era, fifteenth to seventeenth 100 years. This enormous two-gave large sword was viewed as a harsh instrument, albeit compelling, by the clients. It was Above all else Jacob I’s viable utilization of the sword that made it one of the images of public Scottish pride. The Claymore sword, dreaded as a result of its size and strength, was utilized in the consistent tribe battles as well as against the English as late as the Defiance of 1745.

The Royal Scottish Claymore remains as a magnificent exemplification of Scotland’s rich history and military custom. This notable two-gave sword, known for its overwhelming size and particular plan, holds a huge spot in the chronicles of Scottish weaponry. With an edge estimating around 4 to 5 feet long, the Claymore exhibits a vigorous, twofold edged development, tightening to a deadly point.

Decorated with perplexing inscriptions and the tokens of respectable families, the grip of the Claymore oozes a feeling of magnificent polish. The cross guard, highlighting effortlessly clearing arms, gives assurance to the wielder’s hands while supplementing the sword general tasteful. Its knob, frequently weighted for balance, improves the weapon’s dealing with, taking into account strong yet controlled strikes.

Fashioned from great steel, the edge’s wide shape and amazing heave award it striking cutting power and cutting abilities. The Royal Scottish Claymore, frequently employed by major areas of strength for the gifted champions of Scotland, filled in as an image of pride and legacy, rousing both wonder and regard on the combat zone. This famous weapon exemplifies the bravery and strength of Scotland’s past, making a permanent imprint on the aggregate memory of the country and then some.

In fight, the Claymore’s long reach and twofold edge permitted champions to convey strong, clearing strikes fit for obliterating different rivals in a solitary movement. Its flexibility settled on it a weapon of decision for the impressive Good country heroes, who consolidated strength, expertise, and key utilization of the Claymore to defeat enemies.


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