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Alexander the Great Falcata (Kopis)



Total length: 75 cm
Blade length: 59 cm
Grip length: 8 cm
Weight: 1406g
Blade thickness (base): 0.5cm
Blade width (base): 7.7 cm
Point of Balance (PoB): 14 cm
Blade: Stainless Steel
Edge: Blunt
Pommel: Integrated
Scabbard: None

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece.

Description of Alexander the Great Falcata (Kopis):

Alexander III of Macedon was all the more normally known as Alexander the Great. He was brought into the world in 356BC and succeeded his dad Philip II to the lofty position at 20 years old. When he was 30 he had made one of the biggest domains of the old world extending from Greece toward the north west of India. During his reign he was undefeated in fight and is recognized as being perhaps of history’s best leader.

The Alexander the Great “Kopis” (in a real sense “chopper”) is produced by the widely popular Workmanship Gladius processing plant in Toledo, Spain. It includes a lion’s head beat with antiqued iron plated finish and gold enumerating. The hold is intended to look line bone and the sharp edge is made from treated steel with a cleaned finish. This sword has a dull sharp edge and is intended for show as it were.

The kopsis, is an unmistakable old weapon that acquired noticeable quality during the hour of Alexander the Great, around the fourth century BC. This single-edged, bended edge began in the Mediterranean locale, especially in the Greek and Iberian societies.

The falcata’s distinctive component is its novel bend, which changes from a raised edge close as far as possible to a sunken edge towards the tip. This plan worked with strong and compelling cutting and hacking activities, making it a flexible weapon for both slicing and pushing. The Alexander the Great Falcata (Kopis) forward bend of the edge considered profound cuts and strikes, while the sunken part close to the tip upgraded its capacity to step the cutting edge back without a hitch.

The weapon regularly estimated around 18 to 24 crawls long, with a solitary edged sharp edge and an unmistakable handle including an articulated bend. This ergonomic hold configuration gave astounding control and influence to the wielder, upgrading the power and accuracy of their strikes.

The Alexander the Great Falcata filled in as both a weapon and an image of status and honor, frequently enhanced with resplendent beautifications on the grip and casing. Its impact stretched out past its place of beginning, as it was appreciated and embraced by different societies across the antiquated world. As a demonstration of its viability and remarkable plan, the falcata stays a famous portrayal of old weaponry and craftsmanship.


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