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United Cutlery Honshu Broadsword Black Blade Version



  • 33.375″ Blade
  • Carbon Steel
  • TPR Handle

Description of United Cutlery Honshu Broadsword Black Blade Version:

The 12 PM Midnight Forge Broadsword is important for a Honshu extraordinary version series that takes the well known sword to another degree of current and smooth plan with strategic designing and wonderful sharp edge to-grip adjusting. It has a 33 3/8″ dark 1060 high carbon steel cutting edge that has an incomplete blood groove, which paves the way to the heavy customary handguard. The rough TPR handle gives you a no-slip held and both handguard and pulverize are dim tini-complete treated steel. The 43 1/2″ generally speaking length broadsword fits safely in a dark wooden casing that incorporates a cowhide belt holder. Honshu keeps on extending its outstanding sword line and this smooth, strategic broadsword is an unquestionable requirement for your assortment.

The Unified Cutlery Honshu Broadsword Black Blade Version is a particular and outwardly striking weapon that joins current plan with verifiable motivation. This broadsword is essential for the Honshu line of cutting edges known for their inventive way to deal with customary weapon plan.

The champion component of the Honshu is its darkened cutting edge, which adds a bit of secrecy and current style to the exemplary broadsword structure. The Honshu Broadsword Black Blade Version cutting edge is create from excellent tempered steel, guaranteeing solidness and protection from consumption. The curve of the cutting edge is suggestive of customary samurai blades, taking into consideration productive cutting and hacking movements.

The handle of the sword is develop with a finished, slip-safe rubber treated grasp, giving an agreeable and secure hold during battle or show. The watchman includes a perplexing plan that adds to the sword’s visual allure as well as helps in safeguarding the client’s hand.

The Broadsword accompanies a smooth dark calfskin casing that supplements the blade’s general look. Whether United Cutlery Honshu Broadsword Black Blade Version showed as a gatherer’s thing, utilized as a preparation weapon, or exhibited in hand to hand fighting exhibitions, this broadsword offers an exceptional mix of present day craftsmanship and verifiable plan, making it a champion piece in any cutting edge lover’s assortment.

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