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Cold Steel Viking Sword



  • 30.25″ Blade
  • Carbon Steel – 1060
  • Leather Handle
  • Leather/Wood Sheath

Description of Cold Steel Viking Sword:

The run of the mill Viking sword of the ninth and tenth hundreds of years included a long wide cutting edge with an expansive focal more full and two sharp edges. The favored stroke was a hard cut or cleaving blow, so the point was genuinely adjust yet was sufficiently intense to valuable for push. A straightforward watchman with forward bending quill ions was frequently use and join with a similarly utilitarian wooden handle that was cover with cowhide, bone, or even cast in metal. What truly made the Viking Sword so particularly unmistakable from its peers was its weighty 5 lobed handle used to adjust the long sharp edge.

Our sword shares highlights for all intents and purpose with its verifiable partner. It has a twofold edged edge, hand fashioned out of high carbon steel and afterward cleaned to a splendid radiance. The wooden handle is shroud in calfskin and is upheld by a basic, exquisite gatekeeper toward one side and a similarly attractive 5 lobed knob at the other.

Both gatekeeper and knob highlight conventional Celtic bunch embellishments. To house the sharp twofold edge sharp edge every one of our swords is provided with a wood sheath canvassed in dark cowhide and supported with a profoundly finished steel chape and throat.

The Cold Steel Viking Sword exemplifies the soul of the amazing Norse champions, famous for their furious battle ability and unyielding soul. This carefully created sword gives recognition to the famous swords employed by Viking bandits during their time of success.

Estimating around 30 crawls in by and large length, this sword includes a twofold edged, hand-manufactured sharp edge produced using high carbon steel. The cutting edge’s wide more full improves its underlying respectability as well as decreases in general weight, guaranteeing a decent and flexibility weapon. The handle of the Cold Steel Viking Sword is decorate with a calfskin wrap grasp, giving a safe hold to the wielder and considering exact strikes during the most intense part of the conflict.

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