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Cold Steel Viking Sword
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Cold Steel Warrior Katana


Original price was: £665.84.Current price is: £332.92.

  • 29.25″ Blade
  • Carbon Steel – 1060
  • Ray Skin Handle
  • Wood Sheath

Description of Cold Steel Warrior Katana:

Since they were first introduced over five years ago, the Japanese swords of the Emperor Series have established a strong following among many of our clients. However, we are aware that some people are looking for a battle-ready blade at a more reasonable price. This issue is specifically addressed in our Warrior Series. We have deleted the pricey mirror polishing that we applied to our Emperor Swords in an effort to lower the cost of the blades and produce a new series of Japanese swords with a more useful finish. Swords from the Warrior Series are equally as attractive as those from the more expensive Emperor Series and have the same steel, heat treatment, and sharpness.

The Cold Steel Warrior Katana remains as a demonstration of both customary craftsmanship and present day development, exemplifying the soul of the exemplary Japanese sword with a hint of contemporary solidness. Fastidiously plan, its 29.25-inch cutting edge is produce from 1050 carbon steel, known for its surprising strength and edge maintenance. The masterfully honed edge takes into consideration strong cuts while holding its sharpness over the long haul, making it a dependable ally for military craftsmen, gatherers, and lovers the same.

Moreover, Made in light of validness, the Warrior Katana flaunts an outwardly striking plan, with a Tsuba (monitor) complicatedly designed with a thundering winged serpent theme, giving recognition to the old Japanese imagery of force and security. So, The beam skin handle, enclosed by dark line, gives a safe hold and adds a component of conventional feel. The wooden sheath, decorated with dark finish and rope wrap specifying, upgrades the blade’s visual allure as well as offers security and simplicity of convey.

Intended for flexibility, the Warrior Katana suits different necessities. Whether employed in combative techniques practice, showed as an exquisite gatherer’s piece, or highlighted in ensemble and film creations, its mix of verifiable credibility and present day vigor goes with it a dazzling decision. However, The Cold Steel Warrior Katana catches the pith of samurai legacy while taking care of the requests of contemporary blade lovers, making it a convincing expansion to any assortment or devotee’s weapons store.

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