Cold Steel Man At Arms Messer



  • 22″ Blade
  • Carbon Steel – 1090
  • Rosewood Handle
  • Leather Sheath

Description of Cold Steel Man At Arms Messer:

Planned by Luke LaFontaine and Dave Bread cook, Cold Steel’s one-handed Messer is a sword that simply must be held to be valued! This cutting edge translation of the verifiable German Lange’s Messer (or Long Knife) is delightfully adjusted and a delight to utilize. More slender and lighter than a large number of Cold Steel’s ongoing contributions, it handles practically like a monster Bowie Knife! Its clasp point style sharp edge is completely honed on the essential edge, with an un-honed “misleading edge” ending in a durable upswept point. The Messer’s slick and useful cross-watch, knuckle bow and articulated shell-formed “Nagel” are likewise blued to match the cutting edge and improve the rich brown of the rosewood handle scales.

The Cold Steel Man At Arms Messer is a cutting edge understanding of the exemplary middle age European falchion, famous for its particular bended sharp edge and useful plan. Created with careful scrupulousness, this edge offers a harmony between verifiable legitimacy and contemporary utility.

The Messer flaunts an end to end length development, with the sharp edge reaching out through the handle for improved solidness and strength. Its cutting edge, regularly around 24 to 32 creeps long, highlights a tenderly bending edge that finishes in a sharp point. Produced using high carbon steel, the edge finds some kind of harmony among sharpness and versatility, making it reasonable for both cutting and pushing movements.

Cold Steel’s regard for verifiable exactness is clear in the plan, which repeats the structure and capability of the conventional falchion while coordinating current upgrades in materials and craftsmanship. The Cold Steel Man At Arms Messer is a demonstration of both the legacy of middle age weaponry and the requests of contemporary use, going with it a convincing decision for gatherers, lovers, and specialists of verifiable European combative techniques.

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